Infopak Brochure and Flyer Box


Q: What are InfoPaks? A: InfoPaks are a simple and efficient solution for distributing information to your customers. They are designed to be weather resistant, recyclable, and easy to use. These versatile InfoPaks can be effortlessly attached to any sign.

Q: What is the capacity of each InfoPak? A: Each InfoPak has a capacity to hold up to 200 brochures measuring 8-1/2” X 11". With approximate dimensions of 14" tall X 10" wide X 1.25" deep, these InfoPaks provide ample space for your informational materials.

Q: How can InfoPaks benefit my signage strategy? A: By incorporating InfoPaks into your signage strategy, you can ensure that your customers receive important information quickly and easily. Whether you need to distribute brochures, pamphlets, or other materials, these InfoPaks are designed to meet your needs.

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Our InfoPaks are a simple way to distribute information to your customers quickly and easily. InfoPaks are weather resistant, recyclable and easy to use. These versatile Infopaks are simple to attach to any sign! Holds 200 8-1/2" X 11" brochures. Dimensions are Approx. 14" tall X 10" wide X 1.25" deep.

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