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18 X 24 Blank White Plastic Yard Sign with Horizontal Flutes

These Blank White Plastic Yard Signs are perfect for creating personalized signs to grab attention. These signs can be decorated with markers, paint,  stencils, or stickers, so the possibilities are only limited by the 18 x 24 size limit. 

Whether you're advertising a business event or pranking your buddy, these Blank Plastic Yard Signs are a great way to show off your creativity and get the word out.

18 x 24 Blank White Plastic Yard Sign
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18 x 24 Blank White Plastic Yard Sign

This blank white 18' x 24" yard sign is made out of 4mm corrugated plastic. Consider it the ultimate creative challenge -- the possibilities are nearly endless. Unfortunately, creativity is not included. Believe it or not, some of the most successful yard signs ever started out just like this, just waiting for a clever phrase and a bit of penmanship to strike gold.

Installation Note: Please keep in mind, that this sign comes with horizontal flutes which is good for wooden stakes and bad for h-wires. 

Also Please Note: Wire stakes, sign frames, or stands are sold separately 

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