Grand Reopening

Simple, yet effective.

If business is stagnant and needs a refresh, consider a grand reopening to reboot your business. Change the look and feel of your business and reinvent what you already do. Change the interiors, update them with the new style, remodel your lobbies, and take a look at adding new services. A change of pace might be all that’s needed to invigorate an aging business. If you’re in the restaurant business, you might need to refresh the menu and add some new items that the customers might be craving.

If you’re considering a grand re-opening you’re going to want to consider how you’ll inform the public that already knows you’re there or has forgotten. Word won’t get around that an already established business is reopening its doors. A new store sign that’s refreshed for the times will help but if people aren’t looking for a redesigned store, they won’t find it. A good way to initially advertise the grand reopening is by using vinyl banners outside the business to announce the news. Banners are large and are nearly impossible to miss. Every store in a strip mall will have a sign that’s similar looking. Not everyone has an eye-popping vividly color banner. Draw attention with the banner so people know you are there.

Additionally, you can use lawn and yard signs to advertise in the surrounding areas. Place your lawn signs near the intersections with all the hustle and bustle, and place them near your place of business so that at the very least, drivers that see the sign might turn for a second to see what’s going on at your store. They might notice the new changes and be interested in coming for a later visit. Be sure to reach as many people as possible with the new signs and banners. Use your signage to briefly explain what changes have been made. New Menu Items? Tell them! New services? Tell them!

Refresh your business, attract attention, and build a new customer base. Those are the key steps to invigorate your business.