So, you got your bandit signs all prepared. Your strategy has been decided, the rallying speeches have been given and you’re ready to set your “weekend warriors” loose on the world (or at least the neighborhood). Now, how do you get them to make a “stand”? Well, you have three options:

H-Wires (or wire stakes)Wire Stakes

There are metal stakes that you can buy with the bandit signs. These are called H-wires. There are large H-wires and smaller half wires. There are these little slats between the plastic of the bandit signs often referred to as “flutes”. The stakes are in an H format and you take the top part of the H and slide it up through these Flutes. Then you take the bottom part of the H and push that into the ground. These H-wires come in a regular strength and heavy duty strength.

Wooden Stakes

Wooden StakeThe other option is a wooden stake. You would pound that into the ground and then you would staple the sign itself onto the upper part of the stake. This option can be more labor intensive and doesn’t work as well because the wooden stake becomes unstable. Still, they are an affordable option and work well in places where the soil is softer.

Using a sign stapler

Staple GunThe third option is to use a sign stapler (or staple gun) and staple your signs to a tree or wooden post. Many people will staple their bandit signs to telephone poles. While this may seem like a handy option, this is generally not a recommended practice. The telephone folks don’t much appreciate having signs or staples all over their poles.  Once you determine which option will work best for you, it’s time to take your bandit signs and make a stand that lets customers know you mean business!