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Custom Banner Signs - Vinyl or Mesh

Custom printed full color banner signs

Banner signs are the perfect solution for almost any situation -- they're a low-cost, portable, and effective way to get your message out to your audience. That's why they've become one of our best-selling custom sign products over the past few years.

  • Great Looking - full-color printing with high-quality ink means your banner will always represent and attract attention.
  • Flexible - banners come in a wide variety of sizes and they work just as well indoors as they do outdoors.
  • Affordable - banner signs are reasonably priced to start with and when you consider they'll look great for years, the value is unbeatable.

Design your own custom banners by using our templates, uploading your sign design, or working with our in-house design pros for free.

Customized Banner Design Templates

Custom Full-Color Banner Template
Custom Full-Color Banner Template
New Year Special Event Banner Sign
New Year Special Event Banner Sign

Banner Sign Options

Custom banner signs can be used for almost anything ranging from trade shows to outdoor retail advertising to that special family gathering. Since they're so flexible, you have a couple of options to consider when ordering your custom banner sign.

Custom Vinyl Banners - looking to make a big impression without spending a lot of money? Custom vinyl banners are a great solution. Lightweight and durable, our vinyl banner printing process includes high-quality vinyl that won’t fade or tear, UV inks that won't fade over time, and installation options like reinforced edges with metal grommets. We construct our banner signs for the long haul, so go ahead and make that bold statement – your custom banner will make it look easy.

Custom-Printed Mesh - need an outdoor banner that can withstand high winds and other harsh weather conditions? Our custom mesh banners are perfect for sporting venues, construction sites, and outdoor events. Made of UV- and water-resistant polyester, the fabric banner has a mesh weave that lets the wind pass right through. And with metal grommets and reinforced edges included, your mesh signs will look great time and time again, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Banner Sign Sizes

The smaller the banner, the less impactful it will be. But if you go too big, you risk overwhelming your audience. So how do you find the perfect balance?

Standard Banner Sign Sizes - the size of your banner will usually depend on your content, design, and where you want to place it. However, there are a few standard sizes that can help you eliminate some of the guesswork. The most popular custom banner we sell is the 3ft x 5ft vinyl banner, which is big enough to make an impact indoors or outdoors but won't break the bank. Other popular sizes are 4ft x 4ft square vinyl banners, 2ft x 3ft small vinyl banners, and 3ft x 5ft mesh banners for fences.

Common  Sizes for Typical Signs - the size of your sign will be highly dependent on where or how it will be used. For example, trade show booths are typically 10 feet wide, so a 4ft x 10ft banner will really grab attention as a backdrop, or 3ft x 10ft placed at the top of your booth so people will see you across the crowded floor. If you plan to display your banner on one of our vertical banner stands, then the 70in x 30in size is what you'll want.

Custom  Banner Sizes - If you're not constrained by content or installation dimensions and want to let your imagination run wild, Super Cheap Signs always gives you the option to "create a custom size" when you're designing your banner signs. Just click the link below the size drop-down box when you're designing your banner and do whatever you want.

Our Other Custom-Printed Products

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What Our Custom Banner Customers say:

"It was so easy to modify a template. The cost was super cheap just like it says."

- Edyth L. - UT

"This is my third order through Super Cheap signs...everything is so easy and customizable!!"

 - Sandra D. - NY

"Had a hard time on the website but after calling Carlos and the staff at super cheap signs, they were amazing! Very patient, very helpful, and was stress-free! Carlos had me laughing."

 - Eric H. - PA


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Super Cheap Signs has been producing low-cost, custom banner signs for more than 30 years. We offer fast shipping so you can get them as soon as possible, excellent customer service! Let us help you help your business or organization with a custom-printed banner at a cheap price!