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Need sign riders for your special event? Look no further and choose from the selection of Special Event Sign Rider templates we have below!

Get the attention of possible attendees with some of our Special Event Sign Riders at the helm of your celebration or ceremony. Sign riders are a great way to promote your events perks and you can have your social media info on it as well. This way you’re not robbing from the info on your yard sign, but merely adding to it. Rider pins are a must when it comes to sign riders or you can get a steel sign frame to display them as well.

Special Event Sign Riders

When planning an event, you want to be sure as many people are aware of it as possible. Planning the right advertising strategy is a must for any special event. Thankfully, there are so many options and they can be customized to meet your event needs. We offer sign riders that can make your event stand out from others. With these signs, added information can be provided in a variety of different ways. 

Sign Riders Compliment Yard Signs

Many people use yard signs to convey messages about special events being held. These signs are straightforward and use color and special fonts to grab attention from passersby. 

Although your event sign may be attention-grabbing, this does not mean it supplies all the information that is needed to get people interested. Adding information can bring further clarity to your special event and our sign riders are affordable for any budget. 

Sign riders can be added to yard signs without causing any damage. Because they direct the eyes to another point on your display, this makes them grab the attention of everyone who sees them. 

Sign Riders Are Easy to Design

The design process for special event sign riders could not be easier. Your entire order can be created online within minutes. We offer a wide range of design templates, clipart, and fonts for you to choose from. 

If you would like to construct your sign from scratch, there is that option. We have worked to make it as easy as possible to ensure you will not be stressed when creating and submitting your order. Whether you design it yourself or use our templates, the process is simple and straightforward and your signs will arrive on time. 

Helpful Tips for Using Sign Riders

Sign riders can be used in a multitude of ways, from offering additional information to getting people to simply look. You would be surprised how much attention can be gained simply by putting up a sign that says, “Look Here.” Consider the following tips to ensure your signage is engaged appropriately. 

  • Use contrasting colors to create depth and interest with your sign rider. 
  • Choose a size that is slightly smaller than your yard sign. 
  • Pick an interesting font design for grabbing attention. 
  • Do not be afraid to switch the signs often. 

Choose Your Material

We offer two types of rider sign materials and they are each used for different reasons. Knowing how long you will be displaying the sign and where it will be placed will help you to decide which material will be best. 

Corrugated Plastic – This is our most affordable material option. This type of material is lightweight, yet durable and can be used for both indoor and outdoor sign displays. This plastic material will allow your sign to stay in good shape for up to two years which is an incredible value for your next advertising campaign. 

Aluminum – If you want a sign that is going to last for years, aluminum is the perfect material. It is strong and durable so it will hold up to all types of weather without becoming damaged. Using aluminum gives you the strength and durability you need without the heaviness of some types of metal. With this lightweight metal, you will be able to easily hang your sign riders without causing any damage to your existing yard signs. 

Sign Riders Can Be Used in Many Ways

You can use sign riders to advertise all types of events, from craft shows to concerts. With our special printing process, your signs will be vibrant and beautiful so you are able to effectively raise awareness about your special event. 

You will find sign riders are perfect for parties, fairs, shows, and even advertising your business. There are so many ways these signs can be used. 

Are You Ready to Place an Order?

We have provided the easiest platform to order your sign riders. Simply choose your design, add your text and images, and then choose the material. 

Once you place your order, we handle all the work and ship it to your door quickly. Allow us to help you create stunning signage to advertise your special event and create a buzz of excitement so it is a success. 

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