Nine Ways Signs are Impacting Political Campaigns at All Levels

Every year it seems like more and more people are becoming politically active. As the number of political movements grows, campaign managers must step up their advertising efforts to keep from being drowned out by the crowd. These individuals are busy planning events, organizing rallies, and getting the word out about their campaign, so any advertising help they can get is helpful.

Campaign signs are one of the best ways to spread the word about a campaign without spending too much time and effort on advertising. While a good campaign needs to advertise across a broad range of channels, even the slightest increase in visibility can give them a competitive edge. There are many ways to use a campaign sign that can help boost the performance of a larger initiative. 

1.) Local Politics

National elections draw a lot of attention, but local politics is where voters can make the biggest difference. Using a campaign sign to encourage voters to participate in their local government can help unify the community and bring power back to the hands of the people.

2.) National Elections

If there’s one thing that recent elections have taught Americans, it is the power of grassroots political campaigns. Getting media attention during a presidential election is challenging for less well-known politicians. Campaign signs can help put their name in front of thousands daily with minimal effort.

3.) Ballot Initiatives

Ballot initiatives are an important way for citizens to get an issue on the ballot during the next election. These initiatives require many signatures before they can be brought to a vote. Campaign signs can direct citizens to a website to read about the initiative and sign their names.

4.) Judicial Elections

In several jurisdictions, judges are appointed to an office by a popular vote. Whether they run a campaign to be newly elected or keep their office, campaign signs can increase awareness of their campaign and encourage voters to support them.

5.) School Board Elections

In most cities, members of the board of education are elected into their position. The number of people that run for these seats can be overwhelming, making it difficult for a candidate to stand out. A well-designed campaign sign can help a candidate get the public’s attention, giving them a competitive edge over others.

6.) Law Enforcement Elections

Some law enforcement positions rely on an election to determine who fills them, such as the Sheriff and Chief of Police. Individuals who want these positions have to run aggressive campaigns to win over the public. Campaign signs can help these individuals get publicity and encourage voters to vote in their favor. 

7.) As Part of an SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing strategies use 5-digit shortcodes to encourage individuals to opt-in to a marketing campaign. This is more effective than email marketing, making SMS marketing a huge asset to politicians running for office. Rather than send emails that are never read, candidates can use campaign signs printed with the shortcode on it to encourage citizens to receive text messages directly from their campaign. 

8.) Solicit Donations

Campaigns rely heavily on donations from the people that support them. Soliciting donations from these individuals often involves various tactics, including fundraising events and social media advertising. Campaign signs can be printed with information on where to send donations, giving campaign managers a passive way to solicit donations from the public.

9.) Raise Awareness About a Cause

Most political campaigns are built upon a specific cause, such as climate change or equal rights. Individuals who feel passionately about a cause and are part of an organization to address it can use campaign signs to increase public awareness. These signs are viewed by thousands of people each day with minimal effort.

Raising awareness about a campaign is integral to getting a person elected to office or getting an issue onto a voting ballot. The number of candidates from which to choose can be overwhelming, which discourages many voters from engaging. Campaign signs passively raise awareness about a campaign so voters become familiar with the cause and are more likely to support it.