Printing Information

Printing Methods

We are currently outfitted to print using both digital and silk-screen technology. Although both mediums are able to output high quality prints, each process has it's advantages depending on the job at hand.

Screen printing

Our screen printing department handles a large portion of our workload. Screen printing allows us to rattle off higher quantity orders in succesion while still maintaining a high level of quality and vivid color.

Digital printing

We typically reserve the digital printing process for lower quantity and full-color orders. Our digital printers are able to output high-quality signs quickly and efficiently as well as allow us to print in smaller batches. Some products, such as banners and magnets, are always digitally printed.

Glossy products

Depending on the method of printing as well as the material printed on, your product may have a glossy or matte finish to it. ***Due to printing restrictions we are not able to guarantee that all products in your order will have the same finish***

As a general rule, digitally-printed ink will have more of a matte finish, where as screen-printed ink will have a more vivid, glossy finish to it.

In this case, the finish refers to the ink itself rather than the product printed on. Sometimes the ink may be matte finish printed on a glossy material.