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Contractor Sign Printing


Yard signs are everywhere one turns. Businesses of all types purchase these marketing materials to get their name out and attract new business. However, one industry that truly benefits from the use of these signs is the contracting industry. 


What better way to show one’s abilities than by placing a sign in front of a home or office that has been worked on? The sign directs the viewer’s eye to the work that has been completed, which then serves as its own advertisement. 


Why are these signs so popular? They are affordable, even for those businesses that are first starting out, and yet they are extremely effective. Nevertheless, these are only two of the many benefits one can expect to receive when this marketing tool is selected. 

Affordability and Durability

Contractors obviously have to worry about their budget. They need the funds to operate the business and must account for every dime. Marketing dollars go further when this option is selected. 


The business determines which type of sign they would like to have, although many do opt for corrugated plastic because it is very durable. Next, the company determines if they wish to have single or double-sided signs, as printing one’s message on both sides allows more individuals to see it. 


As this material is extremely strong, it will withstand the elements. A business can put the sign out and forget about it. Simply make sure it is properly secured so it doesn’t accidentally blow away.

Ease of Installation

A contractor can spread their message quickly and easily with the help of these signs. The signs come with stakes to insert into the ground and they do so without difficulty. Larger signs may require a pole or additional support, but they are still fairly simple to put up. Volunteers or employees can put up a number of signs in a very short period of time thanks to the design of these marketing materials. 

Brand Awareness

As these signs are both affordable and lightweight, they may be put in multiple locations to generate more interest in the business. In fact, contractors and business owners find they can canvas a community in a short period of time when these signs are used. The visibility of the signs allows them to reach a broader audience in no time at all. 


Furthermore, the business owner determines which sign sizes are needed to obtain the best return on investment. While many companies opt for more common sizes, don’t assume this means they are the only ones available. Super Cheap Signs can help you determine which size is needed to get your message out to the public. 


While these sizes are a great way to advertise a business, the design is of great importance. If the message doesn’t reach the desired audience it won’t be helpful. Keep this in mind and make use of the following design tips as you move through the process to make certain you get the highest return possible. 

Keep It Simple

The goal of contractor yard signs is to generate interest rather than trying to provide all information about the business. For this reason, keep it simple. Provide the company name and logo along with a phone number or website URL. This is often enough to have people calling or visiting the site to learn more. 

Avoid small text, as it won’t be visible to those passing by. The available space on the sign is limited, so keep information restricted to the basics. This allows the viewer to get important information quickly. 

Color Selection

Contrasting or complementary colors work best for yard signs. This allows the information to easily be seen while making the sign visually appealing. If possible, use colors from the company logo or other marketing materials for consistency. 

Font Choice

While the fancy script may look beautiful on a computer screen, this does not mean it is appropriate for a yard sign. It’s best to stick with plain fonts, as they make the advertisement more legible. This ensures the potential customer understands the message. 

White Space

Don’t overdo it when adding elements to the sign. It’s best to keep at least 30% of the sign blank to make the message easier to see. When there is no white space on the sign, the message might not be delivered as clearly. 

Keep the above in mind as you go to create yard signs for your contracting business. While any sign is of help, a company obtains a better return on investment when the right size and design are selected. 

We can be of assistance with this, so don’t hesitate to ask. Our goal is to help you get the word out about your business so you can succeed. When you do, we do as well.