Outdoor advertising is also known as “out-of-home” advertising and involves a number of different venues for getting your company name, as well as your brands and products or services in front of the consumer.  In the simplest of terms, outdoor advertising encompasses numerous marketing vehicles that reach consumers whenever they are outside of the home.  Annual revenues generated by outdoor advertising totaled nearly $7 billion in 2008 in the United States alone.

It differs from the other advertising venues (i.e. internet, print, radio, and television) in that it targets those consumers who are always on the go commuting to and from work or other activities.  Typically, outdoor advertising has been classified into four distinct categories:

-    alternative formats
-    banners and billboards
-    mobile advertising (signs on buses, aerial advertising, etc.)
-    street furniture

As far as cost-effectiveness is concerned, banner advertising is by far the most effective and efficient outdoor advertising venue and will enable you to win over great business from your competitors.