As everyone who hasn't been hibernating or living on a deserted island for the last decade knows, social media is the catchphrase of the new millennium. But have you ever thought about adding social media to your signage? For instance, "Click here to 'Like' us on Facebook, with a picture of the Facebook icon, of course. It's well worth trying: according to a new infographic, if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest in the world! That's a lot of prospective business.

Going social with your signage can work well for real estate, because you can put the address of your business or home for sale on the sign along with your social media handles, so people can access additional information and pictures. Hopefully a few overly enterprising teens won't take the sign too literally and attempt to climb it some night in order to press the button — especially if it's a commercial real estate sign elevated over a freeway.