Once upon a time, computers were cumbersome goliaths, with the mainframe housed in a separate room from the video display terminals on employees' desks. Back then if you needed to make a phone call while at work, you sought out a pay phone. And cameras, which used film, were something to take on vacation, or to grab when your child was in a school play.

In the Age of Information, we travel easily with laptops, iPads and smartphones tossed casually in the car or grafted to our hips. But while cell phones can be intrusive for the small business owner, all those potential digital photographs can spell a disastrous breach of confidentiality. The smart solution? Signage, of course!

A full color vinyl banner is the perfect way to shout your intention for all to see, without compromising security in any way. We offer fourteen sizes of horizontal banners and four vertical sizes. None of these meet your needs? No worries: we can create a custom banner just for you, cut from premium 13-ounce vinyl. We offer free design, logo re-creation and proofing, not to mention grommets on the corners and every 24-36 inches. We know you want your banners to last a lot longer than your cell phone battery will — and be a lot more versatile!