When you were a child you may have been told, "It's not nice to point." However, now that you're a real estate professional, pointing can be not only practical but profitable. We're talking about pointing the way to homes for sale, with real estate directional signs.

Directional signs are an excellent addition to any real estate investor's marketing toolkit, because they create curiosity among people who are already looking for a house in that neighborhood.

Simple plastic yard signs shaped like an arrow with double-sided color graphics, directional signs point people towards an open house, new development, etc., that offers a property for sale. A few well-placed directional signs can bring potential homebuyers right to the doorstep of the house you're selling. An arrow sign is easy to follow, eliminating the need to consult a smart phone for directions, or make a call. It simply invites action: follow me.

Directional signs are especially popular on weekends, when most home shoppers turn out in search of their new abode. Real estate professionals can strategically place directional signs at intersections to indicate a house that's for sale up the block, for example, or guide shoppers through a few easy turns to reach the property.

By the same token, if the home for sale is located on a remote country road, a directional sign can keep drivers on course (and keep their curiosity piqued!) until they reach the lovely rural home site.