Handsome Young Businessman Pointing To Name Tag - IsolatedWouldn’t it be awesome to have a business card that reads, “Director, Ethical Hacking”? Or how about “Knowledge Sorceress”? Maybe “VP of Happiness”? These are just a few possible Job Titles of the Future, according to a list curated by Fast Company magazine. But social media creatives match them, with heartfelt Twitter profiles such as Chief Inspiration Officer, Quantum Navigator and Compassionologist.

If you’re looking to hire the most forward-thinking talent this year, why not put the question on a banner advertising your company’s job opening? For example, “We need a tech + HR whiz. Name your job title.”

The shifting sands of global demographics suggest numerous intriguing possibilities. How about AAA? Not the auto club of America; the Administrator of Aging Affairs. With Boomers graying the workforce as well as the world at large, there’ll be a need for managers who understand their value and unique contributions.

And given both the rising age of the workforce and the growing focus on employee wellness, perhaps a CPA is in order — that’s Cardio-Pulmonary Assessment Manager, “accounting” for the heart health of your team and creating catchy rewards programs, such as Reach Into The Well, which allows employees who’ve met wellness goals to retrieve coupons good for healthy meals at local restaurants and a “walk day” off (an extra vacation day they can use to engage in any health-promoting activity).

Just think of the custom license plates the job titles of the future might inspire. Who knows, these new titles could impel prospective hires to follow drivers right to your business’s front door! Now that’s an easy way to recruit.