My 7 year old boy started using the word ‘sexy’.  So he got in trouble with the wife and then I wondered if I should look up the definition.  The first two on the list from have something to do with sex, but #3 is (I hope) what my son had in mind, “excitingly appealing; glamorous: a sexy new car”. So then, are yard signs sexy?

Signs get the job done, first.  Then add a little flair and something special and you can call it your own.  But yard signs by themselves aren’t what makes them cool.  They can be pretty boring, “FREE INTERNET HERE” all by itself doesn’t create much excitement.  You have to add a little more to make it attractive.  Some clip art of someone or something representing your message or product or service can spruce things up.  Remember though, it’s easy to over do the sprucing.  Like a house with too many Christmas lights busy signs become overwhelming.