If the Beatles had released “She Loves You” as an infomercial, it would have been a hit in the business world. Why? Because, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, “yeah” is the most persuasive word in meetings. (As an aside, John Lennon once described how he met Yoko Ono: Her conceptual art exhibit involved climbing a ladder to view a tiny ceiling painting through a magnifying glass. The word inscribed on the ceiling was “Yes.”)

Clearly, being supportive signifies progress. If people agree with what you suggest, the meeting moves forward. If someone objects, progress stalls. This is the core concept behind comedy improvisation as well: actors learn to begin with what is, discover rather than manipulate the action, and say “yes, and” rather than “but” or “no”, regardless of how improbable the next step may appear. In this way, improv creates high comedy — and it’s also a good game plan for life.

Think about how well this could work for real estate solutions: your yard sign might offer a brief checklist of a home’s best features, an intrinsic “yes” for shoppers seeking these attributes.

Or maybe you’d like to invest in some stickers that simply say “Yes!” and distribute them to everyone in your office or department. Imagine the next not-so-boring meeting, when participants affix them to their lapels or collars. It may be the first time everyone leaves a meeting smiling.

We encourage you to use your imagination to devise creative ways our signage can help you say yes — to your business, to your customers, to your employees, to your success. We love the idea, and hope you love it, too. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…