Have you ever wondered what happened to the yard signs that don’t make it past our doors? The signs that contain errors, didn’t turn out to be what customers wanted, or just wasn’t of the right quality in the end? Well, if you think we just throw these signs away, you are dead wrong. We care about being green and our customers’ green, so we put the two together and the result of that is beneficial for everyone.

We recycle these unused signs and resell them at a discounted price. How exactly can we “recycle” signs that have already been printed on, you are probably wondering? Well, first of all, a recycled yard sign is a single-sided yard sign where one side has been printed – but not used. We print your custom design on the blank side, and make the back illegible so no one can read it.

We usually stockpile our recyclable signs and when we have enough for several orders, we’ll put a notice on the front page of our web site that our recycled plastic is available for a lower cost. If you don’t see the notification on our front page, feel free to call your Super Cheap Signs customer service representative at 866-270-7446 to inquire about availability.