As a business, you must be able to create a following: You must be able to entice people to always look at what you have to offer and try it out. How can you do this when times are a changin’? When trends step in to eclipse the old and demand the new? Alright, I admit, it isn’t easy to keep in the new and now. I still haven’t updated my wardrobe to reflect the styles and trends of 2010! BUT, you don’t have to be in the new and now to make a new impression!

I’m sure you have noticed that most styles and trends are basically revamps of stuff we are already familiar with. Look at the 70’s. Ok – not too closely… those corduroy pants will always be hideous! However, there were a few good things – like hip huggers! They were sexy and hip then and they are sexy and hip now. They are a classic that has been revamped, glamorized and made into more. This is possible for your service and products too if you treat them like celebrities. Celebs are constantly adding to their “image” to make them stand out above the rest. Like them, you must create new ways to add glam to your product or service!

No, I don’t mean bedazzle and I certainly don’t mean hours of excruciating brainstorming! Adding glam can be as easy as using vinyl decals to spice up packaging, or add something more to those banners and signs. Heck, you could even use them as little thank you’s to your customers! Not all glam has to bedazzle the public and glam doesn’t have to be so out there that it stands out like a sore thumb. It just has to be enough to continue to make an impression and entice new customers.Wing Place Vinyl Decal

Do you generally ship out products in a plain brown packaging box? Isn’t brown just the most boring color? It doesn’t have to be. Have some vinyl stickers made and put them on the box! Have some decals made of your logo and ship them out with your products! If you don’t have a product but you have a service, you can still glam it up. Vinyl decals with your logo can be mailed to customers as a thank you. This not only helps to keep your company in mind, it shows that your customers are important enough that you take notice of them. Decals can be placed on not only your signs, but the window of your company vehicles or even your own personal vehicle.

Spice things up! You can make a new impression on existing customers and entice new ones simply by taking that which is already known and adding something that gives it a little more stand out power!