Show your true colors this Fall season!

When Cindy Lauper sang about letting your true colors come shining through, she wasn’t talking about signage, though her phrasing was apt: fall is our most colorful season for showcasing just what the right signs can do for your business.

Like a big pile of multi-hued leaves, Super Cheap Signs offers abundant signage for every occasion. As autumn heats up (or more appropriately, cools down), here are some suggestions for ways to fall into signage.

Clothes Encounters


Spread some ghastly good cheer with our custom vinyl banners!

Fall means fashion to women of all ages. For youngsters it’s new school outfits; for teens it’s living at the mall from opening till dark; for business women it’s a fashion-forward look for every profession; for moms, more comfortable multipurpose wear; for mature women, a chance to update their wardrobe — and perhaps indulge the grandkids.

What this means for retail is a bonanza: banners announcing new fall colors and fabulous sales on exactly the items your customers crave. You’ll love our premium 13 ounce vinyl banner construction that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and comes in — count ’em — 23 sizes! Which might be about the number of pairs of shoes some of your dedicated fashionistas have in their closet, mostly in black.

Or maybe you want to announce a summer clearance sale to make even more room for the pink flambé, tangerine tango and honey gold tones arriving in profusion now. Why do so many women’s clothing colors have food names? Maybe because you’re meant to advertise them with a sandwich board! It’s a yummy, no-install way to invite shoppers to your storefront.

Calling All Good Ghouls

Or maybe you’re one of those planners who already has Halloween costumes on display. A spinner sign in orange and black with the de rigueur skeleton or pumpkin is sure to bring kids flocking to your door — especially if you offer free sticker decals for anyone who buys a product! Parents may sigh, but they’ll also buy, and the kids will love you (as will your cash register).

So whatever colors you like best, fall into signage for a fall that will color you successful.