In the digital age, communication can seem rather impersonal. We don’t talk with our friends, we text them. We email our clients. We share triumphs and tragedies via social media. It’s probably not that far-fetched to say most twenty-somethings have never hand-written a letter (unless Mom made them do so as a child, in order to thank Grandma or Aunt Gertrude for a birthday gift.)

This is why hand-lettered signs make the difference. They hark back to a less wired, more intimately connected time, when the pace of life wasn’t quite so frenetic. There’s something deeply satisfying about receiving a handwritten letter in the mail and being able to re-read it; a certain pleasure that’s lacking in email and texting. And this inner desire for the handwritten word extends to signage.

If you hand-letter a sign for your candidate, for example, people will recognize the time and thought that went into it. The “fonts” won’t be perfect because human handwriting is idiosyncratic — just like people. This practice adds a personal touch to your products and there’s a beauty to this imperfection.

Aren’t you drawn to informal, hand-lettered signs along the road advertising peaches or strawberries for sale? This same charm applies to a handwritten yard sign for your discontinued items, offering customers sweet deals. Or to your sandwich board’s daily special.

WrittenYardSignWe may live in the digital age, but our digits can still negotiate a pen or magic marker. And while you’re at it, think about dropping Mom a handwritten note. She’s sure to appreciate the gesture.