You’re someone who’s committed to the political process. When a candidate’s election team member asked if they could place political campaign signs in your yard, you didn’t hesitate.

But now you may be scratching your head. What should you do with all this lightly used, high quality corrugated plastic? True, the campaign go-fers ought to fetch them. They covered a lot of territory in the weeks leading up to the election, however, and reclaiming all those signs may not be top priority right now. Yet the signs are still in good condition, and it seems a shame to simply recycle them (though that’s certainly more ecologically expedient than tossing them in the trash!)

Here are several additional, super creative ways to recycle signs in a different sense:

  • Kid stuff. It’s almost winter, and in many parts of the country the ground is already covered with snow. If you have young children or young neighbors, they might love to use the corrugated plastic signs as makeshift sleds: lightweight yet durable, easy to carry to nearby hills, and the price is right: free. If you live in a warm climate, perhaps they’d like to use several of the larger signs to build a fort!
  • For the birds. Are you handy? Do you enjoy tinkering? You can probably create a

    Use old signs to shelter your feathered-friends!

    nifty birdhouse from political yard signs with just a few basic tools. Your little feathered friends will be so grateful for your creative contribution to their well being in the colder months.

  • Animal attraction. You can also donate used political yard signs to an animal shelter. They make super mats for birdcages, because they’re strong and easy to clean — and think of the newspaper that can be recycled instead of using it to line the birdcages. Used signs can also become wall liners to shelter outside cages from the elements and protect our furry friends.
  • Flip it, flip it good. Since most political yard signs are only printed on the side that faced the street, you can simply flip it so the printing is on the inside, and create a new sign for your upcoming garage sale, yard sale or holiday block party. And of course, the “renewed” signs can always be used to advertise your business!