Political Yard SignsAnother emotion-laden election has ended, and regardless of whether you’re elated because your candidate won or frustrated because it’s “back to the drawing board,” there is one area in which both parties might be stumped, even if they gave great stump speeches: the post-campaign used signage conundrum.

Fret not. Just as Super Cheap Signs has solutions for creating winning political campaign signs, we offer suggestions for what to do with these signs now that the election is history. It all centers around the 18th — no, sports fans, not the final hole on a golf course, but the 18th letter of the alphabet: R. As in rethink, reuse, recycle. Here are four ways to get your R on:

  • Turn up the heat. It may surprise you to learn that yard signs and banners (corrugated aluminum and plastic resin, respectively) can be easily melted and reused — a process that takes just a fraction of the energy normally used to make brand-new signs.
  • Turn the other cheek. Even if your candidate was victorious, turning the other cheek is a smart move for obsolete campaign signs. If you only printed on one side, you still have a blank side available for another custom design. Simply blank out the campaign information so it won’t be legible.
  • Give back. Like plastic water bottles, most vinyl products will be labeled with a small “3” or the universal triple-arrow triangle to indicate they’re recyclable. (Just like politicians — although the latter may not come with easily detectable recycling information).
  • Start at the end. That is, begin with an already recycled sign. For your next campaign or other yard sign usage, save money and the planet by choosing a recycled sign at the outset. Recycled signs (meaning they were printed on one side but never used) are even cheaper than our normal low prices. As described above, all you need to do is block out the existing message, and presto: a clear, blank yard sign side awaits. We like to think of it as our own brand of election magic.

    Recycle signs! No need to throw away old signs when they can be put to good use!

Best of all: rethinking, reusing and recycling political campaign signs and banners doesn’t just benefit the environment, but your business as well. Your customers will be proud to do business with an environmentally friendly company — and if you post banners or signs around your establishment indicating that you’re an eco-oriented business, this smart marketing tactic is likely to attract even more environmentally conscious consumers.

In Part 2, we’ll explore super-creative ways to reuse your political campaign signs.