When it started, almost a year and a half ago, I had an idea;I wanted Super Cheap Signs to have the best web site in the sign industry. When we talked to our customers to ask what they wanted from our web site…well, they wanted a lot of complicated stuff to be added.

So I thought to myself, making it easy, hmmm…that doesn’t sound too hard. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not that easy. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy over the past 18 months creating an easy-to-use web site that’s the best in the business, and it looks like we’ve accomplished our goal.

Below some of the questions we got from our users and how we changed our site to address these challenges.

Can you make it easier for repeat customers?
Once we’ve earned a customer, we want to make it as easy as possible for that customer to keep doing business with us. Our customers can now log on to the site and see their purchase history online with the ability to reorder a previous purchase with one click. They can also proof orders online and track the shipping status of orders. Finally, we will be regularly sending out special discounts and promotions to our existing customers.

Can you make it easier to complete the entire ordering process online?
We’ve simplified the ordering process, enabling you to order custom signs and banners online without ever having to call or email us. Additionally, you’ll always know the exact price of your items and how certain attributes affect the overall cost. You can play around with almost any variable size, quantity, colors, directional, etc and immediately see how it changes the price.

Can you make it easier to create and customize my signs online?
Now, you can easily upload a logo or custom art directly from your computer, add your own sign text, and include any special instructions as a standard part of your order. You can complete an entire process online with no need for extra emailing or calling.

Can you make it easier for me to check out quickly?
On the new site, we’ve drastically improved the check out process. Not only can you place your order quickly and easily, but now check out is a snap, too. You can use your billing information from previous orders or shop as a guest.

Can you make it easier for me to understand some of these sign terms?
Almost every sign-specific term on the site has an information icon next to it.  It is a yellow circle with an ? in it. Click on that graphic any time you don’t understand a term and an explanation will pop up in a separate window.

Just because we’ve made it easier to complete your order or get your questions answered online, doesn’t mean we’re not still here. Please call us if you have any questions or want to speak to someone to make your order!