It’s almost here! Start the new year off right for your business!

The word’s been on the street for a while: something monumental is supposed to happen at the end of the year, possibly on Winter Solstice.

The good news is the world hasn’t come to an abrupt end yet; Which means it’s time to start getting ready for 2013, if you haven’t already.

Here are some smart resolutions to help you ramp up for the new year:

  1. Lose wait. That isn’t a typo; it’s a reframe of the typical resolution about excess eating. Procrastination keeps the “wait” on, while springing into action guarantees you’ll soon begin to be trim. So start by making a 2013 business plan. Revisit what worked in the past, what’s not working, and decide what you must do now in order to dive into action in 2013. For instance: what types of marketing were most successful for you this last year? This is the perfect time to get a jump on the year ahead by ordering more yard signs, sandwich boards, stock signs, etc. for your business.
  1. Get fit. While a toned body is important for well being, so is a well-exercised brain. Continuing education is crucial for your ongoing success. Think of it as a health club membership for your mind. Consider personal enrichment in 2013. Beyond what’s required to stay abreast of your industry, personal enrichment can include: 1) Reading books, listening to audio programs and watching videos that inspire and inform. 2) Mental wellness. What can you do this year to cultivate and maintain a positive outlook for your business and staff? Perhaps you’ll want to create an office banner that reminds your team every day to think beyond the box and nurture the whole person.
  1. Collaborate. Those who knew the world wasn’t ending but evolving to a new stage of development say this is the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, which is all about expansion, connecting, and collaborating for the greater good. What complementary businesses might be a good fit for cross-promotion, which can help both your companies grow? Visit our Partners page to generate some ideas about the kinds of businesses you might want to partner with in 2013 and beyond.
  1. Look out for No. 1. There’s a reason those airline emergency instructions exhort passengers traveling with small children, “Put your own oxygen mask on first.” By choosing to take good care of yourself and your business, you’ll have a healthy, balanced perspective to share with customers and employees. So reexamine your time management. Are you making the highest and best use of your talents? Are you working as efficiently and effectively as you might be? Do you need to delegate, hire someone to handle paperwork, or move in a different direction with your business?

The naysayers may have been correct in one respect: something monumental is going to happen in 2013. But it will be a positive event, based on the focused action you take now to create a fantastic year ahead!