To paraphrase the old Zombies’ song, It’s the sign of the season for … well, you name it! Everything is bursting into bloom now. Yard signs are popping up along with roses and tulips. Banners are brightening store windows like flower boxes. But both yard signs and banners are so much easier to “plant” and care for than flowers or shrubs. No watering or weeding required!

Ring It Up

After a long dreary winter, people are eager to get out and enjoy beautiful weather again — which means it’s an ideal time for a sidewalk sale. How do you advertise it? With a colorful banner across your storefront: Spring Sale on Now! SupeSale Bannerrb Savings!

Entice customers in the door with an elegant display featuring all of their spring essentials, whether you sell garden hoses or hosiery, hamburgers or hats. Once your affordable, reusable banner beguiles people into your business, they’ll soon be saying, “Ring it up!”

I’ll Vote for That

Or maybe it’s the sign of the season for your favorite political candidate. Yard signs help get out the vote because they make a continual impression: someone who drives or walks by your home or place of business will see that candidate’s name again and again — and when it’s time to head for the polls, they’re likely to color your candidate a winner.

Real Estate SignOf course, spring is also an optimal time to sell your home. Real estate signs point homebuyers in the right direction. Whether you place a real estate yard sign in your front yard, or use a directional sign to indicate a country property in a more remote location, real estate signs are one of the more ubiquitous signs of the season.