San Jose City Council to review proposed changes to city’s sign ordinance! Not only San Jose either 🙂 We will be seeing changes in Towanda Borough, Pennsylvania as well!

On Tuesday, for the first time since 1992, the City Council will consider a comprehensive update of San Jose’s sign ordinance, including so-called “supergraphic” signs, temporary signs on blank walls in downtown San Jose. The council also will review seven other sign modification recommendations to the ordinance made by the city’s planning staff, which has sought the input of businesses and residents in several public meetings over the last year. The council also will consider whether to retain the city’s existing billboard ban for both static and electronic/digital billboards; whether to allow freeway signs with a digital/electronic component for large shopping centers; and whether to modify rules for electronic/digital signs for large ground floor spaces in downtown San Jose, among other proposals.

To find out more about the ordinance changes in San Jose, you can contact Tracy Seipel at 408 275-0140 or e-mail:

One down, and one to go!

Towanda Borough, Pennsylvania now allows neon signs in store windows!
The Towanda Borough Council has amended its sign ordinance to allow internally-illuminated signs in showroom windows. However, the signs cannot flash and the words of the sign cannot “move” across the sign. Also, the signs cannot be more than 25 square feet, according to the amendment to the ordinance that was passed.

To find out more about the ordinance changes in Towanda Borough, Pennsylvania, you can contact James Loewenstein at (570) 265-1633; or e-mail:

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Information for this article was taken from Mercury News and The Daily Review