While the constant proliferation of electronic devices has most people feeling like they’re always “on” these days, the third millennium’s omni-availability has also spilled over into the workplace, much to most employees’ chagrin.

downtimeA survey of 600 North American workers by Right Management found that thanks to technology, weekends are no longer off limits to employers. In response to the question, “Does your boss send you work-related emails during the weekend and expect you to respond?”  more than a third of those queried — 37 percent — said, “Yes, often!” Thirty-one percent replied, “From time to time” and only 32 percent said, “Never.”

What’s an exhausted employee to do? Make up a sign that says, “Downtime only”? Right Management recommends that employees be given time off during the week to avoid “low morale, burn-out or reduced productivity.” In other words, flexibility is key.

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