Many small business owners use signs solely to announce their location to the public. Primary identification is a great use for signs; the reality is that they can be used for radically more than just that. More often than not, correctly utilizing signs for multiple functions can make the difference between a highly successful business and a less successful one.

People read dozens of signs a day. Whether it’s a wet floor sign in the aisle of a grocery store, a traffic sign on the road, or a business sign on a building, people interact with signs constantly, most without even realizing it. Signs are often the first way a business communicates with a customer. Before a prospective customer enters a business, look at a product or service, or talk to the employees, a sign has already delivered a message to them. Making sure that a business’ signage delivers a positive message about their business is absolutely critical.

Sandwich board signs are a great way to attract new customers, especially foot traffic. They are proven to provide an effective and economical increase in your advertising coverage and generally require no special permits for placement. One of the unique and value added benefits stems from the ease of changing the message. Most are designed for two printed inserts, easily changed when a new or reused message is required.

They are most effective used for those businesses hidden in the depths of a strip mall, with no direct exposure of their signage to foot and road traffic. They allow for conscious placement of your advertising for the best traffic patterns, and as mentioned earlier allow for a quick change of your message.

Sandwich boards are easy to spot. It’s hard not to notice them and people can’t help but read what they have to say. The fact that sidewalk signs are also double-sided reinforces this. Take advantage of all that free advertising space outside your establishment. For a minimal investment upfront you can reap the benefits of a strategically placed marketing plan designed to add to your bottom line.

Sandwich board signs are a must for today’s small business. They increase traffic to your business, are durable and economical. If not in it already, sandwich boards signs should be a part of your small business arsenal.