I can already hear you saying “What…”?Sandwich Board

Though I’m not going to sit here and try to tell you there is no such thing as a sandwich bandit, I will say that I think your lunch is safe. I could be wrong. Who knows? However, the sandwich bandit I’m going to talk about doesn’t really want your sandwiches. So what exactly is a sandwich bandit? It is a combination of affordable advertising options!

As an alternative to expensive billboards and newspaper advertising many people are using corrugated plastic signs (known as bandit signs or yard signs) for advertising. These signs feature excellent quality printing options and are very well made to withstand outside elements. Many people find them useful for promoting their favorite candidates during elections, realtors use them extensively to advertise available properties and homeowners are finding them to be less expensive when advertising yard or garage sales. Small businesses are finding out that it is beneficial to use these in conjunction with sandwich boards.

Small business owners have found it beneficial to use sandwich boards to promote their establishments. The A-frame style is commonly used by restaurants for posting their daily specials on the sidewalk to entice potential customers. These are great for that purpose because you can post your information on both sides of the sign making viewing available from either direction. Some of these signs are created using dry erase writing surfaces so the messages can be easily changed at a moment’s notice. Others use insertable bandit signs that can be easily switched.

A business should be using signage to actually sell its product since signs can reach potential customers even when you can’t. Sandwich boards can be used to advertise new products, as well as any ongoing promotions and special offers. Bandit signs are always on duty, always advertising your product, and always sending a message, so they can be just as valuable to a business as their salespeople are. For small businesses, bandit signs are cost-efficient ways of advertising. While radio and television advertisements end after the payments end, signs require only a one-time investment and will continue to provide leads long after that. Taking these two forms of advertising and combining them gives you a strong advertising front at an affordable price.