Andy Warhol once said that in the future, everybody would be famous for fifteen minutes. We all want to shine, to stand out. That’s as true for a small business as it is for an individual. And there’s a way to get your glow on that will last a lot longer than fifteen minutes: neon signs.Open Neon Sign

Ever since a French company called Neon Claude sold the first set of neon signs to a Los Angeles car dealership in 1923, these “liquid fire” tubes have soared in popularity. Whether you simply want to announce that you’re open for business, or entice customers to sample the fare at your new sushi bar, eye-catching neon signs promote your business in style.

Neon’s high quality, 110 volt UL-listed energy efficient transformers are quiet, cool and long lasting, providing hand-crafted, dynamic visibility day and night. With an average lifespan of twelve years — even when in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, these signs are built to last. From restaurants to bars to banks, ATMs to hotels to shopping malls, neon offers economical marketing that works.

As with all signage, it’s important to make sure you conform to city ordinances. Before you get your glow on, find out whether your town allows internally illuminated signs in store windows. Neon signs may be permitted with certain provisions, such as that they be static, i.e., non-flashing, and that the words of the sign do not “move” across the sign. You may also need to adhere to size restrictions.

Once you have the green light to light up the night (and the day), the fun begins. You can design a neon sign that complements your company logo, uses your company colors, and includes a graphic image such as a pizza to draw hungry customers into your pizzeria for a non-electronic slice. Or you may opt for a basic neon sign that advertises when you’re open. Either way, neon says “now” to your customers, with creative flair.