I’m writing this post after finishing the last session at Shop.org. This was a 3 day event for Internet Retailers to learn how to increase business by working with the web.

What a great experience! Most of the attendees are from big e-retailers looking to improve everything online. The other big group is trying to sell to the previous. It was humbling for me, cause these sales people sort of smiled at the our web site name, SuperCheapSigns.com, and then moved on to bigger fish. Nobody was rude, and I understand: I’ve been in sales and nobody is getting paid by the hour. But so many people were very helpful: Laura Galante, Dana Todd, Elizabeth Bell, and lot’s more too. I’m going to be posting what I learned. Hopefully, it will help things sink in, and through the process I’ll figure out what action steps to take from all this new knowledge.

I just have to remember not to try and implement too many things too fast! See you next year, Shop.org!