May introduces several landmark occasions: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Older Americans’ Month. It’s also the gateway to summer, even though the season doesn’t “officially” begin until June 21st.

What all these celebrations mean for you is a lot of potential business. It’s easy to customize your marketing to tie in with any or all of the May opportunities. For example:

  • “Best Mom in the World” Banners: Have you seen the new video ad for the “best job,” which is a paean to the mothers of Olympic athletes? It went viral almost immediately when it was released, garnering over a million views in little more than a week. We all appreciate our moms, though we don’t always remember to tell them so. You can rectify this oversight with a vinyl banner acknowledging the greatest mom ever (which every customer will think is their own!), a special offer, and an eye-catching in-store display. It’s a 10-point win.

  • Memorial Day Sandwich Boards: While you don’t want your customers to actually eat the sandwich boards, if you make them appealing enough, they’ll definitely bite! And walk into your business to see what Memorial Day deals you’re offering.


  • “I (Heart) Grandpa” Stickers: Does your business appeal to older adults, or to children? Think about creating some “I (heart) Grandma” (or Grandpa) stickers, which you can give out to kids and affix to your regular signage to pay homage to Older Americans Month, celebrated in May for nearly half a century. It’s also a great opportunity to tie into th emes such as “durability” and “built to last” with your product or service.

With this May marketing magic underway, you’re set to enjoy a sizzling summer of sales success!