There used to be a cute television commercial for a product called Razzles, which starts out as a candy and transforms in the mouth into chewing gum. The commercial depicted two children in a friendly squabble: “Razzles is a gum! No, Razzles is a candy!” (Saturday Night Live once did a hilarious send-up of this product with Shimmer Floor Wax, marketed as “a floor wax and a dessert topping, for the greatest shine you ever tasted.” But we digress.)

The Razzles story is a good example of what many people feel about marketing: it’s an intuitive, emotional, creative focus. No, marketing is a science: data, ROI and forecasting are the keys to a successful campaign.

Successful marketing campaigns depend upon a varied approach.

Successful marketing campaigns depend upon a varied approach.

We believe marketing is a blend, and your signage should reflect that. Choose your product from the analytical left-brain: what will best meet your sales objectives at this time? Then create your sign with both a right-brain (intuitive) and left-brain sensibility: a banner in bold primary colors that calls to your customers’ emotions, with verbiage that also speaks to their bottom line: “50% savings this weekend only!”

This art/science fusion is especially relevant in the political arena, where emotions run high, and a candidate’s past record can sway voters. Whether you’re going all-out with a Big Campaign Sign or keeping it basic with bumper stickers, you need to appeal to both heads and hearts to win the day.

Chew on this: when you adopt a whole-brained approach to marketing, you’re sure to razzle your target audience. We call that marketing magic.