Bandit Sign

Ah, Spring Break. The words bring joy to the hearts of college students everywhere, and strike fear into the minds — and pocketbooks — of their parents. Are the kids going to break the bank, or snap a bone while surfing those killer waves? Spring break is definitely for the young.

Unless, of course, their parents are planning to move this spring.

There’s something beguiling about real estate signs when you’re hunting for a home rental. A bandit sign that advertises, “Rent Today/No Deposit Required!” with a phone number will have prospective tenants calling so fast, real estate professionals can feel as if they’re taking advantage of that spring getaway — in a manner of speaking, that is.

Rent-to-Own yard signs have similar buyer appeal. The idea that you can “try out” a home before making a long-term commitment is a little like dating your new house: you get to know one another’s quirks, what can and can’t be changed, and decide if you can live with the complete package.

So let the teens enjoy the beach and each other, while your real estate customers cozy up to the home rentals of their dreams. Real estate signs of the times mean a savvy real estate professional can still make out like a bandit on spring break.