Labor Day usually signifies the symbolic end of summer, since most schools resume around this time. But it’s also an important national holiday. Since 1894, “Labor Day” has recognized the invaluable contributions of trade and labor organizations, and their rights under law. It’s observed the first Monday in September.

Labor Day barbecue

Amidst the picnics, barbecues, water sports, and other celebrations, Labor Day is also a prime shopping opportunity: for back-to-school supplies, school clothes, and professional wardrobe updates. You can honor both traditions by making your Labor Day sales and special promotions a labor of love. Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate:

In the spin
Spinner signs
are a low-cost, highly visible means to attract massive attention for any size business. You can use a member of your staff โ€” or hire a talented temp โ€” to hold a customized spinner sign that will draw people through your door like magic. Some of these “human directionals” captivate passers-by with their dancing antics. And since spinner signs are mobile, you can move the sign holder to different areas on the street and around the block, to see which location generates the best business traffic.

Banner headline
Create an eye-catching vinyl banner to alert shoppers to phenomenal deals. Banners can herald an upcoming sale, and be used again and again, so if you word your banner with care you can feature it for a Labor Day sale, then use it later for Halloween and Christmas specials. With a little imagination (for example, adorning the banner with colorful ribbons that connote the holiday, such as black and orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas), repeated use of your banner will make it appear fresh and new each time.

Did you get my card?
In our cyber age, any snail mail that isn’t a credit card bill is a welcome novelty. A colorful postcard announcing an upcoming sale at your store is sure to attract interest. Coupled with a spinner sign outside your door and an interior banner touting the great specials available, a postcard mailing is a smart, inexpensive way to let your customers know you’re thinking about them and appreciate their business, during Labor Day or any other season.