Remember the old Starkist Tuna commercial with Charlie the Tuna? Charlie was always showing off his “good taste,” only to be told, “Charlie, Starkist doesn’t want tuna with good taste. Starkist wants tuna that taste good!”

Well, at Super Cheap Signs, the opposite is true: we DO want signage with good taste (and if you’re super-creative and fashion it out of something that also tastes good, that’s a bonus). What you don’t want is to create a message that offends, no matter how well it sells. Like the marketing company owner in Waco, Texas who decided female bondage was a creative way to sell car decals. While the decal did result in a business spike, the company also received its share of negative press, both online and off, for seeming to condone violence to women.

In a world where gratuitous violence is routinely depicted as entertainment, it’s easy to understand how people can become inured to the inappropriate — or even think it’s humorous instead of horrifying.

But you don’t need to go to such extremes in order to generate clever, funny, and appropriate car magnets. All you need is a little creativity. For instance, people have been taking humorous photos (and more recently, making humorous videos) about their pets for years. We even suggested awhile back how animals could contribute to creative signage. Perhaps your pet or a YouTube pet video will give you ideas for how to design your own Super Cheap Signs car magnet. Or maybe a member of your staff has a funny idea that will work. You can also to ask us; we’re happy to help.

Feel free to make your message as uncommon and unique as your business. We simply suggest you also make sure your signage is always in good taste!