If your company is like most, your web site is the best source of information for your customers. Many people like to put their web addresses or domain names on yard signs.

That’s a great idea! However, when your domain is… www.giganticdomainnamethatnoonecouldpossiblyremember.com…well, not so good.

First of all, on a sign, long domain names will only fit if you put them in small type, so readability takes a hit. Someone driving by won’t be able to read and/or remember your web site address. Plus, people usually cannot write down an entire domain name while they’re driving.

The answer, a short URL – a new domain that is shorter, but will point to your web site automatically.

With prices starting at $8.95 a year, you can go to a domain seller (godaddy.com, netsol.com, register.com) to research and buy a shorter domain that will direct people to your web site. Most domain sellers offer domain redirection as a free service so any time someone enters the new short URL on the sign, they automatically go to the company’s web site, instead.

For example, short urls can direct the sign domain name bthomes.com to www.bonnietylerrealestate.com. It’s a very simple and inexpensive way to improve the reach of your custom yard signs.