Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They’re everywhere and competition can be fierce at times. Small businesses don’t have the same large advertising and marketing budgets that the national companies do. They do have one advantage that the national brands and businesses have trouble with…they’re local. Small businesses need to leverage their local advantage. Owners know what their customers in the area want and need. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Advertise your business locally to make the most of your local advantage and increase revenue. A good way to do this on the cheap is by using lawn signs. Lawn signs and yard signs are very cheap, especially when bought in bulk. Place them at busy local intersections to capture the attention of drivers waiting for the light to change. Bored drivers will look for anything to entertain themselves at the intersection, let your business fill that need.

If you have a business that’s primarily a service, advertising with lawn signs is essential. Most people don’t use the yellow pages anymore to find businesses. Advertising is even more important because of the lack of a storefront. If they don’t know a way to contact your business, there’s no way to find you.

Lawn signs are available in full color for some of the most vibrant and eye catching of designs. With UV rated ink, they can last for a many years. Be sure to get some H-wires so you can start mounting and installing your signs. Be sure to check local ordinances on lawn signs. Some areas have rules on how long signs can be up and where. Be sure you don’t get your signs taken down by the city.

Directional signs are especially useful if your business is hidden or new. A simple arrow pointed to your business can help a few interested customers find your place easily and might make the difference between them stopping or not.