You have a big event coming up and plan to incorporate yard signs into your announcement strategy. It might not seem like an integral part of the event but smartly designed signage, placed in the right place at the right time, can have a dramatic influence on attracting a large and vibrant attendance. Get it wrong, however, and you could be left standing along by the punch bowl.

At the very least, your event signage needs to accurately direct guests to the location with as little fuss as possible. People want convenience and simplicity in everyday life and geography is no different; it won’t do to have guests wandering lost in the countryside on the way to the soiree, especially if they are a featured part of the day.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

You might remember that start to the chorus of the popular 1970s song and the mantra remains true today; signs are everywhere and like them or not they offer an affordable and highly visual opportunity to promote an event. Purpose-driven signage designed to be placed in a yard or along roadside corners is effective and non-intrusive, with nearly unlimited options to channel your creative side to match an event’s advertising with its personality.  

The first thing to remember regarding yard signs is be respectful of where you put them and be aware of local regulations. When it comes to the former, simple respect and common courtesy tells us it won’t go over well if you plant custom yard signs for your remodeling company’s open house all over a random resident’s property because they happen to live on a busy street corner. However, politely asking often goes a long way, especially if you throw in an invitation to the event.

Local regulations can also come into play, even if you just want to post a sign in your own yard for a short while. Placing signs on street corners all over town might hasten an unpleasant encounter with city authorities, or even law enforcement, so be sure you know the scoop.


When and Where?

Timing to place event signage depends largely on the type and location of the event. Let’s say you are hosting a fundraiser for a local non-profit organization; the rule of thumb is to place fundraiser signs 15 days prior to the event and take them down within 24 hours after. This applies to short-term events for civic organizations as well.

Fifteen days typically provides plenty of advance notice and the last thing you want is to have the signs perched all over town a month after the event. Aside from casting a reputation of being unorganized, it just doesn’t look good to have old signs scattered about town.

Graduation and other special event signs can be placed a few days prior to the event; even the day before is often adequate, assuming guests have invitations and directions. Helpful directional markers are a big plus in getting folks where they need to go.

However, the same etiquette with “official” events applies to casual parties and the like. Ask permission to place a sign on private land as well as public spaces where a sign might intrude on everyday function. Posting your big bash on utility poles is also not allowed.

What about roadways? Signs cannot be placed along interstates or their accompanying on-and off-ramps; however, signs are allowed on state and county roads provided they do not create a traffic hazard or otherwise block views of surrounding traffic or stop lights.

Keep in mind the standard practice of placing smaller signs in neighborhoods where the speed limit is 30mph or less and larger signs where the limit is 30 or above, and always check local ordinances restricting sizes and quantities of signs.


When Ordering

Just as it is wise to plan ahead when designing and placing signs, you should start ordering them roughly two months before an event. That might seem like a long time but many factors come into play and having the signs ready early always helps avoid frustration and snags at the wrong time.

Typical sign production time is around five days and unless you pick up on site, add another 2-4 days for shipping. Plan on two weeks to be safe and no matter what; don’t put off ordering your signs until the last minute. Rush jobs always add stress and cost to the works and you might end up with a sign that says “Hapy Graduation.”

Stay organized and plan ahead to make your event a hit.