Lawn signs are gaining more and more popular as businesses are discovering their potential. Although placing a sign in a lawn may seem like a simple action, there is a deeper value to this type of advertisement than many people realize. Here are a few of the reasons why businesses are increasingly turning to this type of advertisement.

They Target Similar Clientele

In the natural course of city planning, similar types of people will live in the same area. For example, a more prosperous area may have a higher number of individuals who own high-end pianos that need to be regularly tuned. A family-friendly area will have more families with small children. Other areas have a high population of retired individuals while some urban areas are filled with young, single individuals who live alone or with roommates. The benefit of lawn signs is that it targets a similar audience. If a business performs a service for one household, it is likely to be needed by another similar household in the near future. 


They Help Seasonal Businesses

Yard signs are a great way for seasonal businesses to gain more customers in a relatively short amount of time. For example, a sprinkler service will have lots of business at the beginning and the end of the summer and many families in the same neighborhood will need the service at the same time. Having lawn signs will prompt individuals to give the company a call and have the service performed.


They Help After Natural Disasters

A natural disaster can affect an entire neighborhood or even an entire city. These events can lead to needed repairs such as roof repair, flood cleanup, or tree damage from high winds. This means that countless households will need similar services at the same time. Lawn signs will not only benefit the company, but also will benefit the neighborhood as well. Households will be more likely to trust a service if their neighbors are willing to advertise it and this makes it easier to select a company to do the needed repairs. 

They Lead to Customer Retention

One of the benefits of lawn signs is that it leads to customer retention. If a customer is willing to have a sign on the lawn with the company’s name and logo, they will be more likely to call the same service in the future. The sign serves as a reminder to the customer as well as an advertisement to neighbors. 

They Promote Memory by Repetition

When a company performs the same service for multiple households in one neighborhood and each home allows them to put a sign in their front yard, this creates a repetition of information. This repetition leads to better memory retention for potential clients. When they find themselves needing the same service, the name of the company will immediately present itself in their minds. 


A Few More Benefits of Lawn Signs

There are a few other benefits of modern lawn signs. These benefits make them an excellent choice for businesses. Here are a few examples.



Because these signs are temporary, many people or companies will want to dispose of them after a certain amount of time. Thankfully, lawn signs are usually made from corrugated polypropylene plastic which is easily recyclable. This makes disposing of them both convenient and environmentally friendly. 


Weather Proof

These signs are made from special materials and inks that make them hold up against all types of weather. The ink can stand up against sunshine and rain, and the metal posts keep them firmly planted in the ground. This keeps them looking fresh for a long time. 


Easy to Move

When it comes to lawn signs, placement is everything. Certain locations in a yard can be more effective than others. The great thing about these signs, however, is that they can be moved to other yards or to other locations in the yard quickly and easily. 



These signs are one of the cheapest forms of advertisement. At less than two dollars per sign, they do not put much of a dent in the advertising budget. They can also be designed and ordered within a short amount of time, leaving more time to focus on the business. 


Lawn signs are a highly customizable, cheap, versatile, and durable way to advertise a business. Because most of the customers generally come from nearby neighborhoods, it is a highly effective strategy to keep the business local and advertise heavily in a small radius. They are a bright and colorful way to bring more clients inside a business’s doors.