Lawn signs are proven to be an effective way to gain more business within a targeted community. Many companies use them to advertise from the lawn of their previous customers by asking if it is okay for them to place a sign in a discreet but visible location. Many customers are happy to help the business after they have received expert service. However, it is not always enough to simply print the name of the company with a phone number. Business owners who wish to make an impression need to think creatively to capture the attention of potential clients. Here are a few creative tips to help improve the effectiveness of a simple lawn sign. 

Think Beyond Boring Design

Many lawn signs only list the type of service, phone number, and sometimes the company name on the sign. This is generally printed in one color such as red or black. Although it is a good idea to keep the sign as simple as possible so that it can be read by drivers passing by, there are many different ways to make the design more interesting. Pictures can often be as effective as words, and different fonts, borders, and colors can go a long way in making the sign stand out from others in the area. There is a lot of information available about which colors are likely to capture the interest of the consumer. The business should research which brand and design will be noticed and remembered by potential clients. The color scheme and logo of the sign should then follow this plan. 


Use Humor

Humor is one of the best ways to reach out to potential clients. A sign that makes someone laugh will be way more likely to be remembered later than one that is so commonplace that it blends into the background. Some of the most expert marketers know that it can only take a few words or even a picture to make someone laugh. It can be helpful to do some research and find examples of effective signs that made a statement with as few words as possible. Some companies may worry about the humor affecting their professionalism, but the current culture values a sense of humor and will see this as an indication that the company is willing to relate to the customer. 


Connect it With Social Media

The modern shopper loves to be able to use the internet to accomplish tasks. Although having a phone number on the sign is usually essential, it can also be a good idea to provide a way for the customer to contact the business using social media or the internet. A QR code can be a great idea for the pedestrian walking by. A link to a social media page or a code for an online discount can also be a great way to encourage individuals in the neighborhood to take advantage of the company’s services. 


In Conjunction with Other Forms of Advertisement

In addition to connecting the sign to social media, lawn signs should also be used in conjunction with other types of advertisements such as mailers or flyers. When used in a concentrated area, these combined techniques will help to promote brand awareness by name recognition. When an individual develops a need for the particular service, the name will come readily to mind and they will likely have a resource handy to contact the business. Multiple types of advertisements are highly effective when used together. 


Offer Free Services

One thing that is most likely to attract new customers is the offer of free services or items. These can be advertised in large letters on the lawn signs. Free quotes, free inspections, and free consultations are all great options for businesses. With all of these services, the customer will see that they have nothing to lose by trying out the company for free and will be more likely to contact them when they have need of the service. Special discount codes and coupons can also be advertised on the yard signs to entice potential customers to choose one business over another. 


Lawn signs have always been an effective way of advertising. If other people in the community see that their neighbors are willing to vouch for a company, they will be more likely to try their services. However, there are many creative things that a business can do to make these lawn signs even more effective. By using them in conjunction with other forms of advertisement and by creating an interesting and even humorous design, the brand is more likely to be noticed.