It’s a killer idea. You know you’re going to be a hit. The groundwork is all in place. Now it’s time to let the world know about your new start-up business.

Start - Up

Building buzz for a start-up is easier in the Internet age than ever before. From leading edge tools such as QR codes, a two-dimensional barcode that enables potential customers to scan your relevant information right into their cell phone, to social media, blogging, and, of course, email, we’ve never had more means of reaching people across vast geographical areas via cyberspace.

And that’s all good. But remember to use your 3D resources as well! Here are some key ways to market your start-up:

  • Steal their Attention with Bandit Signs. Sure, you may have a website (these days it would be unusual for a new business not to have one), but since you’re a start-up, chances are most folks aren’t familiar with your brand. The solution? Point the way, with a bandit sign (also called a sandwich board), either literally or informatively. If you have a storefront, place the sign strategically where it will lead people in your door. For a virtual business, include your logo, website URL, email and phone number.
  • Have a Banner Beginning. Are you offering a grand opening promotion or event? Create a colorful banner to rivet people’s attention as they travel your street. Vinyl banners are ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses, made to withstand all kinds of weather, and can be used again and again.
  • Magnetize new business. Customized car magnets will turn your car into a rolling billboard, announcing your new product or service to everyone as you drive about town. Magnets come in a variety of sizes, and are specially coated so they won’t damage your vehicle’s paint.
  • Sign on as a Sponsor. Consider sponsoring a local community event, a terrific way to broadcast your business that brands you as a service leader. From banners to car magnets to yard signs, as well as all of the online tools described, you can support your local event, team, etc., while building brand awareness for your start-up.

Can you hear that cha-ching for your start-up?