Modern social media provides us the opportunity to monitor customer feedback and address concerns and process improvements positively!

Social Media provides the opportunity to monitor customer feedback and address concerns and process improvements positively!

While the name Dave Carroll may not ring a bell, it’s likely you’ve seen, or at least heard of, his YouTube sensation, United Breaks Guitars, a humorous rendition of what transpired with United Airlines after they damaged his Taylor guitar in checked luggage. Carroll made a conscious decision to turn a frustrating experience into a positive one, with the long-shot outcome of a shift in customer service behavior among business goliaths worldwide. He hoped the trio of videos he planned to make would net one million views within a year.

The first video broke all records and expectations, surpassing the one million views mark just four days after its posting on YouTube. His unique take on a universal experience resounded with consumers everywhere, who laughed at the on-screen antics and immediately forwarded the link to their friends. In the new book that recounts Carroll’s “Just do it!” philosophy, the singer/songwriter demonstrates the changed relationship between consumers and companies in the age of social media.

At Super Cheap Signs, we embrace Carroll’s assertion that the world is moving from public relations, or PR (a monologue) to SMR (social media relations), where companies dialogue with their customers. We make every effort to answer all your signage questions, anticipating what you want to know even if you don’t ask. We strive to keep you up to date with our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. And like Dave Carroll, we believe the best way to serve our customers is not to break the rules, but to change them.

Carroll became a content creator, keynote speaker, author and consumer advocate by saying “yes” to whatever was in front of him, even when he’d never done it before. Flipping “Just Say No” to “Just Say Yes!” is also what we do here at SCS: Yes, to customer service. Yes, to quality signage. Yes, to super cheap prices. Yes, to fast turnaround

So whether you’re seeking the perfect yard sign, real estate sign or campaign sign, we’re here for you. Because while United might break guitars, Super Cheap Signs will never break the bank. You can count on that.