By the way, we’ll be closed for a few hours on Thursday morning. Austin Energy is upgrading our electrical, and we’ll be without power until Noon CST on Thursday February 28. BEFORE: Think this electrical box can power a 7500 square foot manufacturing facility??  NOPE!

When we first moved into our really cool new 7500 square foot building, we felt like big shots. Then I turned the fan on in the bathroom (fart fan) and POOF! Blew a circuit. Uh Oh. Turned out I have more power in my shed at home that in this new building. Gary said, “can’t turn on a flashlight without tripping a circuit”!

Not all was lost however, the City of Austin quoted two or three weeks to upgrade our electrical service. Wasn’t thrilled but said ‘Make it Happen’ and started the ball rolling. That was in October 2007.

Like all great cities, there were inexplicable delays that were “nobody’s fault in particular”. One delay after another, then Thanksgiving then Christmas then I don’t know before it seemed that tomorrow (hopefully) all will be complete.

Anyways: Thursday’s upgrade should go smoothly and we’ll have better working conditions and better technology and equipment. Not to mention I can turn on the fart fan again! We are most thankful.