Since I started my business, one of my favorite web sites for hints and tips has been They have great information to help you build and grow aa a business, regardless of what you sell. They also have a really good email newsletter (I’m a subscriber). I came across a great article on how to create a marketing plan, so I thought I would share it. Marketing plans are very important to figure out what you’re doing right, what activities are making you the most money and how to grow your business smartly.

I’m a big proponent of organized marketing and measuring success, because signs usually end up having a very high return on investment (ROI), and can be easily measured with a dedicated phone number or unique web site address.

I love it when my customers come in, call or email me to tell me how much business their signs are driving. We love to keep our customers happy, but the fact that we’re helping support local businesses is a huge perk too.

Anyway, here’s a link to the article, I would highly recommend giving it a glance or two:  How to Create a Marketing Plan