A sign at a computer repair business makes visitors grin: This workplace requires no physical fitness program. Everyone gets enough exercise:

  1. Jumping to conclusions
  2. Flying off the handle
  3. Running their mouths
  4. Kicking colleagues in the butt
  5. Dodging responsibility
  6. Pushing their luck

It’s funny because it’s so common. Yet these “exercise traits” do little to encourage customer satisfaction. Which is why at Super Cheap Signs, we like to do things a little differently. Need professionally crafted political campaign signs but are operating on a shoestring budget to shoehorn your candidate into office? No problem: our customer service representatives work closely with our graphic designers, which eliminates potential communication snafus and guarantees quick turnaround done right, right on time. Of course they don’t sleep much, but they get plenty of exercise sprinting from phone to computer.

CSR & Designer

This is Joseph (with Jerry the life size cutout.) We call him our Swiss Army Knife because he moves back and forth between departments. Joseph you’re the best!

Or maybe you’re a budding musician who likes to crank up the volume, and want to promote your upcoming gigs with an ensemble of small yard signs. We hear you: we love volume. We buy in volume and sell in volume, so you get the best possible pricing on exactly the signs you need. It’s the best reverb.


Who says you can’t get enough exercise by serving customers quickly, thoroughly and with sporting good humor? Our team competes daily in the customer service Olympics. Please let us know what we can do for you. After all, everybody needs exercise to stay in peak condition.