Custom Yard Sign

Custom signs on a budget

Locally owned and run businesses were hit hard with the recession causing many business owners to cut costs and manage their budgets more wisely. Unfortunately cutting back on these costs affects advertising, which in turn may also cut back on clients. But fear not small business owners, there is a solution.

You can quickly, easily, and affordably design your own custom marketing signs and banners.  Think about what colors best represent the mood and tone of your business. For example, earthy tones remind people of nature and blues can be seen as serene or relaxed. If your business has a logo or a graphic associated with it, include it on your custom sign or banner.

With custom signs and banners there are also size and set up options to fit your personal requirements. Choose from small 6×24 inch signs to larger 24×32 signs depending on which best suits your budget and advertising plans. As for set up options, there is a wide variety to choose from. For signs being placed outdoors and for long periods of time consider using wire stakes. If you’re leaning more towards indoor advertising you should consider using plastic frames to set up your signs. When it comes to banners there are plenty of set up options as well. If your banner will be near a window, indoors or out, suction cups can be used, otherwise you can choose from durable bungee chords or zip ties. For indoor banner set up consider banner stands that allow quick and easy set up as well as take down.

So don’t let the hard times get you down as there are plenty of advertising options that will fit any budget so consider investing in custom signs today.