Do you have a magnetic personality? Are people drawn to your business or to your side, keen to purchase your products and services or soak up your ineffable wisdom?

If you’re a charismatic leader, we look forward to seeing your name plastered across the blogosphere and social media platforms soon. But if your magnetism is mainly reserved for family and friends, we’ve got the solution for you as well: vehicle magnets.

Car Magnets Do Your Advertising For You!

Car magnets could help you find new customers that stick!

While we can’t promise vehicle magnets will make you more popular at parties, we can attest to their drawing power. Vehicle magnets are long lasting, attractive, and never need hair gel: our matte magnetic material is 3mm thick and has a special plastic coating on the side that adheres to the car to prevent paint damage.

Several commonsense pointers to help you magnetize success:

(1) If you’ve just had your car painted, don’t put a car magnet on it too soon! Allow at least two months for the paint to cure.

(2)  When installing your vehicle magnet, ensure that both the vehicle surface and the magnet surface are completely clean. Even a speck of dirt on either surface increases the chances that your magnetic sign might fall off, or possibly damage the car’s paint job. Magnetic signs are also super easy to clean: just use any household cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge to wipe down the sign.

(3) Always remove car magnets before taking your vehicle through any car wash.

So: Now that you know how simple it is to use car magnets as a marketing tool, get the positive charge that comes from turning your vehicle into a rolling billboard. That attraction action is sure to spell s-a-l-e-s for your business!