Texting is taking over the world. A popular ad campaign shows a phone and a highway, with the caption, “Park it while you drive.” And a yard sign in front of a police department proclaims in no uncertain language:

Text it.

Type it.

Talk it.


It’s probably only a matter of time until street signs flash “Text” and “Don’t Text” instead of “Walk/Don’t Walk”. Although people can and generally do walk while texting, it’s almost as dangerous as driving while your fingers are otherwise engaged.

And we thought cell phones were a road menace.

How can signage help? For one thing, while you can plant, hang, spin and even dance with a sign if you choose, so far no one has devised a way to text a sign. This means signs are a super way to stay safe while driving, because all you need to do is glance at the clever wording or pictures and assimilate the information while your hands stay where they belong: um, not on the CD player or your energy drink, but on the wheel.

Why risk your life to text (or even to talk) on your mobile phone when spending time with signs can be so much safer — and potentially more enjoyable? If your eyes aren’t focused on your phone, you might spy a sandwich board, for instance, that indicates a homemade ice cream shop just ahead. On a sweltering summer day, that’s the ticket. And you didn’t even need to text for it.