Branding your business requires a bit more finesse than branding cattle. It’s important to fine-tune your brand for distinctiveness.

The unique characteristics that comprise the brand known as Y-O-U can be summarized as follows:

1)    Define what separates you from the herd:

  • Value?
  • Experience?
  • Market insight?
  • Superior service?
  • A reputation for reliability

This is what you need to convey on your signage. For example, a high quality aluminum sign that informs customers, “Grant’s Towing – Serving Sonoma County since 1968” lets people know they can depend on this company — they wouldn’t be in business for nearly half a century unless they were competent and reliable.

Branding for Tow Signs

2)    Determine what your customers want most. Research trade publications and the web for market trends, survey your customer base, and compile a list of the benefits that are crucial to your key clients. Then you can advertise this key benefit everywhere. If you use Super Cheap Signs car magnets to help brand your business, for instance, “Maureen’s Mobile Notary” tells prospects the service will come to them, inferring convenience and time savings.

3)    Select Your USP. Choose the top one or two benefits you offer as the foundation of your business focus. This is your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. It’s what sets you apart from the competition. You strategically structure your business around these particular talents, traits or offerings, and this USP then becomes your brand. Thus the sandwich board for a catering business that serves the local arts colony might read, “The Lunch Bunch: We Feed Your Creativity!”

4)    Create a slogan. Think of “Just do it!”, “Reach out and touch someone,” or “We try harder.” Chances are, you can easily name the company. This is the power of taglines, slogans and nicknames. Make it memorable and germane to your business. One superb way to advertise a brief slogan is via a custom license plate: “All Clr” might work well for a plumber — especially if you add a car magnet to the vehicle. Or say you’re an eye doctor; your custom plate might read, “C Me 2C”.

The more you can do to stand out while offering stellar service with a USP, the greater your opportunity to make your mark in the marketplace.